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Kahekili Beach

Hike Maui - Waterfall & Rainforest Hiking Adventure
This is a 2.5 mile hike in one of the most beautiful valleys along Maui’s Road to Hana. Follow two streams that lead to several waterfalls where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the waterfall ponds.
from $143.00
Hike Maui - Haleakala Crater Hiking Experience
This moderate 4 mile hike is a good Crater sampler - hike through three very different environments. Experience Haleakala's vastness, grandeur and majesty.
from $201.50
Hike Maui - Morning Waterfall Walk
Enjoy an easy to moderate 1 mile hike through a forested valley. Follow an isolated stream to the top of three cascading falls and swim in the pools beneath the waterfalls.
from $101.50
Sea Maui - West Maui Half Day Adventure Snorkel Sail
This snorkel sail adventure aboard Sea Maui’s catamaran departs from Kaanapali Beach. The captain will determine the best West Maui snorkel site to visit that day based upon current ocean conditions.
from $129.00

Kahekili Beach has quite the story to tell, named after the fearsome Hawaiian leader known as King Kahekili Nui’Ahumanu, King of the Maui Empire. Half of King Kahekili’s body was tattooed black so that he could match the description of his namesake, Kane-Hekili, who is the Hawaiian God of thunder. King Kahekili conquered Oahu where he killed most of their chiefs and constructed a house that was made entirely of bones of his innocents and he accented this home by the skeletons of the chiefs he had conquered. When King Kahekili passed, his Maui Empire included all of the inhabited islands of Hawaii, except the Big Island.

Like King Kahekili, Kahekili Beach Park is a dominating beach, meaning there is plenty to do and see and is a favorite to a lot of people to come visit and spend the day. The reef will come right up to the shore, making snorkeling here a breeze. Snorkelers will not have to swim into deeper waters and they wont have to get so close to shallow and partially exposed rock. You can just dive in and you are ready to snorkel.

Kahekili Beach Park is also a favorite for SCUBA divers to learn and begin the sport. You can easily walk in right from the beach, and as far as diving goes, this area is relatively shallow.

You will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of fish along with loads of green sea turtles that frequently visit the entire Ka’anapali area. Any time spent snorkeling or diving here; you are bound to encounter them. Not only will you see them being in the water, but you are more than likely to see them from the beach as well. This is always a favorite with the Kahekili Beach goers.

Whales can also be observed from the shores of Kahekili Beach Park. During whale season, you will usually be able to spot the whales breaching and frolicking in the waters. If you are unable to see them, you will almost always be able to hear them still. Get into the water and go under for a bit, be absolutely silent for a moment and you should be able to hear them. A very cool thing to experience when one is visiting here at Kahekili Beach Park.

The reef at Kahekili Beach is one of the biggest pluses and biggets minuses all at the same time. Since the reef starts right at the ocean’s edge, being able to wade here is not going to be pleasurable. Much of the entry on the stretch of beach that fronts the pavilion is not a sandy bottom for more than the first couple of steps, after which you will want to start swimming or floating immediately upon entry. Which makes this is a negative for those wanting to wade in the water, but a positive for those snorkelers out there.

If you want a nice, sandy entry into the water, then a short stroll towards the Black Rock end of the beach is where you want o be. The south side of Kahekili Beach is usually less crowded and a nice spot to relax and enjoy the water as well.

Kahekili Beach Park is very convenient for a nice drive-up snorkeling or diving spot. It is the most northern beach in the Ka’anapali Beach Resort. It is usually less crowded and less commercialized than its sister beach to the south. Kehekili Beach is exciting and will not disappoint. Please keep in mind that during the winter months, the lava rock here can sometimes be exposed at the entry to the ocean. Always be aware of beach conditions and as always, have fun!

Snorkeling, diving, whale watching
Free, ample parking available
Public Restrooms:
Ka'anapali Beach - Maui

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