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Answers to Your Big Island Trivia Questions

Did you know that the name of the Hawaiian Islands is actually drawn from the name of one of the islands? The Big Island is actually the island of Hawaii, and though the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands, is probably the most culturally significant of all of the islands. Not that each doesn’t have its own significance, but this island features the most historic sites and culturally important locations. This is due to the fact that King Kamehameha the Great was born on the island, and history is deeply embedded in the unifier of the islands, and everything related to his life and importance.

Now that we have that out of the way, there are many great facts to know about the Big Island, giving you ample answers to the questions that you may have, or that just may come in handy at a future trivia night. The more you know about your vacation destination, the better off you will be!

Facts about the island of Hawaii (Big Island):

  • There are two main towns on the island, though residents and locals call many different places home. Hilo and Kona are the most well know, though the Kohala Coast is quickly becoming a vacation hotspot.
  • The island is made up of 5 different shield volcanoes, some active, some extinct. Those volcanoes are: Kohala (extinct), Mauna Kea (dormant), Hualalai (active), Mauna Loa (active), and Kilauea (active).
  • Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea make up the entire southern portion of the island and are visibile from many places around the island.
  • When measured from its base at the sea floor Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world. Taller that Mt. Everest.
  • Did you know that is snows in Hawaii? Mauna Kea is the only place in Hawaii that receives annual snowfall, though Haleakala on Maui receives snow from time to time.
  • Mt. Kilauea has been continuously erupting since January 3, 1983, and while adding over 500 acres of new land since 2012, has decimated communities.
  • King Kamehameha the Great was born on the Big Island in Kohala, and many historic sites of Ancient Hawaii are still standing today, including Heiaus (ancient temples), historic landmarks, and petroglyphs.
  • The Kona Coast is famous for Big game fishing and many local fishermen believe the Kona Coast to be one of the best sport fishing locations in the world.
  • While Hawaii is famous for its picturesque white sand beaches, the Big Island also features black sand beaches and even a green sand beach that is only accessible by hike, or off road excursion.
  • The southern most point in the United States is on the island at Ka Lae, known as South Point, and most interesting of all, the next closest piece of land is Antarctica.

The Big Island is an incredible place and sure to be one of your favorite vacations you will ever take. The sites and destinations are amazing, but the history of the island is what makes it so special. Absorb all you can and your love for the island will grow with everything you learn.

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