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Wailiuku River State Park - Rainbow Falls - Big Island Attractions

Hilo Ocean Adventures - Certified Beach Night Dive (1 Tank)
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Wailiuku River State Park is made up of 16 acres along the Wailuku River and is not far from downtown Hilo.  Wailuku River (lit. waters of destruction), is the longest river in Hawaii.  It is 18 miles long.  You will first see Rainbow Falls.  Rainbow Falls drops of an ancient cave, home of Hina (the mother of the demigod Maui), and is 80 feet tall.  Rainbows are often seen in the early morning sun in the mist that rises.  There are several viewing areas.  Peepee Falls and Boiling Pots are a few miles away.  There is a parking lot for viewing.  Water rushes through old lava rocks and lava tubes known as Boiling Pots.  They look as though they bubble or boil as the river runs downstream.  This is a dangerous area where there have been many drownings.

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