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All About Hana Maui

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it many more times: Maui is one of the best places in Hawaii to visit. The island is an amazing place that features so many great places to visit, and even if you live in Hawaii, you make it a point to visit the Valley Isle every so often. It’s the place for an escape, and a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Hawaii, while enjoying the modern amenities that we are so accustomed to.

And even if you’ve been to Maui many times, there are still places that you can visit that take you away from everything and give you a glimpse into the laid back lifestyle that Hawaii has long been known for. Way out on the eastern shore of the island is the sleepy town of Hana, a true throwback to the way of life that has earned Hawaii the reputation for being easy going and carefree. Hana encompasses that way of life and during a visit to the town, you’ll discover your love the peace, quiet, and isolation.

Though it is just 52 miles from Kahului, it is a world away. Here, hidden beaches, scenic lookouts, and lush landscapes dominate the scenery, making one of the quietest stretches in Hawaii. The only way to get to Hana is along the Hana Highway, coming upon the town after more than 600 bends in the road and more bridges that you can count. Not far from Hana is Koki Red Sand Beach and Wai’anapanapa State Park, two of the beaches that are among the most incredible in the state.

Hana is a rural community and one of the most isolated towns in the entire island chain. From 1849 to 1946, the sugarcane plantations in the area were thriving, and locals were employed by one of the few plantations in the area, making life easy for the community. When the plantations closed, locals were forced to leave the area, moving to Kahului in search of work and opportunity. Today, the commute to Kahului is much easier, and most residents of Hana make the trek to the westside each day, retreating to the quiet side of the island following a day of work

Visitors to Hana stay at the Hotel Travaasa-Hana, a boutique hotel and a wonderful place to stay, for those looking for an alternate option outside of Kihei of the Ka’anapali Coast. Staying here provides the chance to really get away and immerse in real Hawaii, away from it all and operating as if paradise is the only place to be.

The beauty and scenery of Hana are nearly unmatched, with close by destinations giving the chance to explore and see the incredible, natural beauty of Maui. The town of Hana is the turnaround point on any Road to Hana Tour, and showcases a side of Hawaii that many do not get to experience. The town is quaint and the quirks of the town are very endearing. One fact about the town that everyone enjoys hearing is that the hours of operation of local business are always changing, and the operating hours of the post office of Hana are only from 11am-4pm each day!

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