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Must See Hawaii Sites – Haleakala

As soon as you arrive on Maui, the imposing figure of Haleakala is visible, and one of the island’s biggest attractions immediately begins calling. From the slopes to the summit, there is so much going on and so much to explore. Haleakala’s presence is felt nearly everywhere on the island, and if you are staying on the south side, you will become very familiar with the volcano.

Thousands of years ago, Haleakala’s wrath was felt, with violent volcanic eruptions spewing from the summit. The remnants of those explosions are visible all over the island, and the influence of the volcanic activity is everywhere. Even underwater, volcanic formations create an incredible world, while on land, the rocky shoreline and volcanic soil of Hawaii create a unique environment that is found in few other places around the world.

Haleakala is known for many things, and among them is the incredible views from the summit of the volcano. Many visitors choose to head up in the earliest hours of the morning, before daylight breaks, to view the most incredible sunrise imaginable. From the island’s highest point, the dawn of a new day illuminates the sky and showcases the unmatched beauty of Maui. You can see just about the entire island from up here, and watching the breathtaking colors of the sky, and the beauty of the volcano light up is an experience you will never forget.

Once the day has started, the activity on the slopes of the volcano picks up and welcomes visitors to take part in non-stop fun. Downhill bike rides, ziplining, and hiking are just a few of the activities that take place on Haleakala, and adventure seekers love to explore the island. There are also many locally owned farms on the slopes, including fragrant lavender farms, cattle ranches, and farms that feature the freshest produce you can imagine. These farms help to keep the island going, and are a big part of the agricultural community on Maui. And for the wine lovers, Haleakala is home to the only winery on the island, a must for those who love to sample favorite wines of the area.

Haleakala is truly incredible, and it is a big part of Maui. Encompassing the entire southern part of the island, the volcano is where residents live and work, and where they come to enjoy the diversity of the island. Seeing the beaches below and enjoying the cooler climate makes Haleakala a true gem of Hawaii.

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