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What To Do at Sea Life Park on Oahu

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated set of islands in the world, surrounded by only ocean for hundreds of miles in all directions, and have one of the most fragile ecosystems in the entire world. The reefs that surrounded the islands and the rainforests that are found on the interior of each island depend on its inhabitants to help them thrive, and require the circle of life to remain healthy and thriving.

One of the most important environments in the world is the ocean, and Hawaii is very dependent on the Pacific Ocean for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason being the dependence on the ocean for a sustainable food source, and with so many residents of the Pacific, times are a little rough. From depleted fish populations to changing conditions, the ocean is undergoing a shock to its system, and with the changes that are discovered each and every day, help is needed.

Sea Life Park on Oahu is a hidden gem in the islands, a marine mammal park and bird sanctuary that helps to rehabilitate injured animals and better understand the animals, helping them to survive. The park is active in several conservation areas, and participates in the release of hundreds of adolescent Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles each year, which are hatched and raised at the park. The importance of the park cannot be understated, and with all that they do, the chance to enjoy sea creatures that make their homes at the park is a great activity for a trip to Oahu.

There are plenty of great activities at Sea Life Park, perfect for all ages, and an incredible opportunity to see incredible marine animals up close. Swim with dolphins, have an encounter with a sea lion, learn about the fragile reef ecosystems, enter a state of the art shark tank, or just head to the park for a day of fun. Chief's Luau is no longer at Sea Life Park, but you can enjoy Ka Moana's luau at Sea Life Park, one of the island's top luaus, with incredible views of the island's coastline and Rabbit Island.

Sea Life Park is a great option for families with young kids as it gives a place to spend a day, see incredible animals, and learn all about the oceans. The preservation of the ecosystem and the health of the oceans is critical for the Earth’s future, and Sea Life Park helps to do its part each and every day.     

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