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Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Date: April 15, 2020 

I got the chance to go to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on my trip to Oahu. I had always heard amazing things about this place and the snorkeling there. Before this, I had only been snorkeling once before (in the middle of the ocean at Sombrero Lighthouse in Key West).

My tour picked me up from a hotel that was within walking distance from where I was staying. It was a smaller shuttle and you get to choose your tour time. Once we got there, our shuttle parked at the top near the viewing area and we all got out. The driver went over how to use the snorkeling mask and fins. They were all cleaned and sanitized beforehand as well! The driver then told us what time to be back at the spot to be picked up to be taken back to the location we were picked up from.

So, first I stopped at the top of the viewing area to look down at Hanauma Bay! There are gorgeous trees surrounding the lawns on your way to the check in area.

Before you get to go down the ramp, you have to watch a brief video explaining about the preserve. No stepping on the reef to protect it and no feeding the marine life. After the video, you can start your journey down the walkway or for a small fee you can purchase the shuttle that will take you down the ramp. It does get kind of steep and I highly recommend getting the shuttle both ways. Once you get down to the bottom you go out to the sand and then can get into the water.

Once, in the water you can see all kinds of fish. I got to see several different kinds of fish and I even got to see an eel hiding in a rock! It was really cool to see up close.

Out a little way, there is a rock wall of sorts. We were told if you go on the backside of that there are tons more marine life to see. I didn’t go that far out, but I have heard people say they’ve seen turtles and all kinds of animals out there.

Be sure to bring your towel and sunscreen and lay out on the sand before you head back up to the top to the viewing area!


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