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Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventure

Date: April 15, 2020 

This is one of my favorite activities that I have done while visiting Hawaii, and almost anywhere.

This tour picked us up from a hotel that was close by to where we were staying, within walking distance actually. Then once we got to the dock, they checked us in and we were able to get on board the ship.

The kids and some adults were given an eye patch, a bandana, and they were even given drawn on mustaches!

The crew introduced themselves and were in character the entire time!

The kids got to participate in a sword fight, some even got to sword fight with the crew! (They were fake swords of course!) There were so many laughing and happy kids! Then the got to shoot the cannons that were on the side of the ship!

There was a competition as to who could be the loudest between the two sides of the ship. Our team lost and several of us were chosen to be captured! I was one of them. We all had to sit down on the bench and the crew members tied us up. As punishment we had to sing Happy Birthday as loud as we could to the birthday boy on board! All while we were looking for treasure! We sung it so loud and there was so much laughter on board!

I don’t know how they did it, but after that, it was brought to our attention to look off the side of the boat, and there was a treasure chest floating in the water! The captain was able to snag it and bring it on board! Inside they had to get it opened and inside were tons of gold coins! The gold coins were shared with all the children and even some adults on board!

It was so much fun. We didn’t have kids with us but who doesn’t love pirates! I highly recommend this tour for any family that has children! It is definitely worth the money!

You could also go below deck and they had a gift shop as well as snacks below to be purchased!

There happened to be an ill guest on board when we went and they must have been seasick! The crew members were very helpful and patient with that guest.


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