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Date: April 10, 2020 

I greatly enjoy hiking, exploring, and other activities that are outside in nature. So, naturally while I was on Oahu, I took a tour with Guides of Oahu called “Waterfalls and Sacred Sites of Oahu.”
They pick you up locally in Waikiki in a smaller shuttle. Which I thought was great because it is only one tour guide, Mitch. Along the drive to the different locations, Mitch was informing us of medical plants and what to use them for, wellness tips, and also all about the lifestyles of the ancient Hawaiians. He was very informative and was eager to answer any and all questions we had.

At the first stop, we took a short hike, we got to see a burial cave. Then along the pathway we walked next to a small flowing riverlike stream. At the beginning of the stream was a waterfall. This waterfall was actually featured in one of the Mountain Dew commercials where they jump off the top of the waterfall. We were able to get in and swim around the bottom of the waterfall if we wanted to. It was a bit cold to my liking so I didn’t get in, but several people in our group did!

Be sure to bring some king of bug spray! We did walk through a bunch of trees and off the beaten path.

Our next stop we got to walk through a bamboo forest. This was so cool and a great photo opportunity!! Once we got through the bamboo forest, we got to the remains of King Kamehameha III’s summer palace. It was amazing to see how it was still standing. We got to see the Imu that they used to cook in and everything!

The last spot we got to travel to was Ulupo Heiau, which is a Hawaiian sacred temple. It was almost 30 feet tall! Around the Heiau (which was a word I learned on this tour) there are smaller gardens that grow all kinds of fruits and some taro as well!

If you like adventure and seeing sights that are off of the beaten path, then this tour is for you! I highly recommend it and Mitch is very knowledgeable and very informational!


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