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Hawaii Neighbor Islands – Spending a Day on Lanai

Most visitors to the Hawaiian Islands are quite familiar with the main islands in the state, known as tourist hotspots and amazing destinations for any vacation. Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island are among the most visited islands anywhere in the world, and a vacation spent on these islands is always special. Each destination has its own unique look and feel, with a ton of character and charming features that help to set it apart from its nearby neighbors.

There is a term that you will hear quite often while in Hawaii, used to describe other islands without referring to them directly. That term is “Neighbor Island”, and each Hawaiian Island has its direct neighbors that are often seen when looking in the right direction with perfect conditions. Neighbor islands include Molokai and Lanai to Maui; Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai to Oahu; and Maui the Big Island.

In nearly every case, visiting a neighbor island requires a flight (or knowing someone with a boat). Commercial travel by water is not readily available in Hawaii, and though there is great demand for it, the damage to the ocean and its fragile ecosystem is the #1 concern and prevents the implementation of a ferry boat that travels between islands. However, there is one possibility for visiting a neighbor island by ferry, and it is available for a trip to Maui.

Head on over to Lanai for a day and spend your time exploring a charming island that is as close to untouched as it can possibly be. The Lanai Ferry travel across the channel and drops visitors off for a day of excitement and a chance to explore more of Hawaii without requiring a flight and additional reservations at a hotel, making this a perfect day that is sure to be a big highlight on your trip.

Lanai is a sleepy little island, privately owned by Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle. Only 3,000 residents call Lanai home, with only a couple of options for hotels for a true getaway. The island is so undeveloped and quiet that there is not a single stoplight on the entire island, and most of the roads are dirt roads.  

The most notable attractions on the island are Shipwreck Beach and Garden of the Gods. Shipwreck Beach takes its name from the wreckage of a World War II Liberty Ship that was permanently docked on the island following the conclusion of the war. Today, the ship is a focal point of the beach that, although it is not suitable for swimming, is one of the most visited sites on the island.

Garden of the Gods is a mysterious area that has perplexed researchers for decades, its origin mostly unknown and left to theory. Hawaiian legend holds that the Gods enjoyed creating art, and this is where they chose to create their sculptures. To aid in the creation, the created powerful winds to sculpt each formation, creating beautiful artwork to be admired.

Lanai is one of those hidden gems that not many visitors are able to experience, though a visit to the island should not to be missed. While vacationing on Maui, the island is easily accessible on the Lanai Ferry, offering round trip and one-way tickets to the island. Once the ferry arrives on the island, a Half-Day 4x4 Tour and a Full Day 4x4 Tour, each exploring the island and visiting the islands attractions.

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