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5 Things to Expect from a Hawaiian Luau

Near the top of every to-do list in Hawaii is attending an authentic Hawaiian Luau. A night spent beneath the stars, having fun, and watching exhilarating performances at what basically amounts to a party is a big part of any trip, and will certainly be one of the best parts of your trip.

For first timers, there is always a bit of mystery when attending a luau. Going into the evening, not knowing what to expect might be good thing as no expectations will be set, and every experience is brand new. But for some, having an idea of what is included in a luau is nice, and having questions answered beforehand will help in the planning.

Here are 5 things to expect from a Hawaiian Luau, giving you a few things to look forward to for your upcoming trip.

  1. A delicious feast – each luau in Hawaii features a menu of local favorites, and many are all you can eat. From salad courses, to fresh fruits and veggies, there are plenty of very healthy options. The star of any luau feast is the Kahlua Pig, cooked in the underground oven, or Imu, prior to the start of the luau. Each luau differs in their full menu, and you can expect fresh island fish, delicious desserts like haupia pudding, and tasty tropical drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  2. Games and activities – this varies by the luau, but most features activities you can take part in before things get underway. These games have been played in Hawaii since the early days of the islands and help to set the tone for the entire luau.
  3. Singing and Dancing – after dinner, the show begins, and what a show it is. Every luau is different, and each tells its own story. Performers share the song and dance of the islands, and tell a story through the performance. Audiences are drawn in and many end up dancing in the aisles. Some luaus even pull audience members up on stage to show off their skills in what is always an entertaining display.
  4. Storytelling – dating all the way back to the first arrival to Hawaii, the stories, history, and legends are so important to Hawaiian culture. The stories that are shared at each luau bring to life the history of the islands, and share the importance of traditions and customs of Hawaiian culture.
  5. FUN – the best part of the luau is the fun. Some audience’s members choose to sit back and enjoy the show, and take in the fun that the performers have. Others are singing and dancing along, and making their fun by joining in the celebration. No matter what your style is, expect to have a ton of FUN.

Luau is the Hawaiian word for party, and there is no better party than an authentic Hawaiian luau. There are plenty to choose from, and no matter how many luaus you have been to, they are always a great time.

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