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Hawaii Life – Kailua, Oahu

On every island, there are many quaint towns that area true representation of Hawaii life, and are the homes to the residents of the Hawaii. In total, there are more than 1 million people that reside in Hawaii, with a large portion of those residing with the city limits of Honolulu. But it is the tiny towns that give Hawaii the easygoing, laid back way of life that it is so famous for. Populations of each town vary greatly, and each has its own little secrets like the best places to eat, hikes, lookout points, and the perfect place to view a sunset. There is a little town on the Windward Coast that is exactly as we’ve described, and if you have a chance to visit, you may never leave.

Just a short drive over the Pali Highway from Honolulu, at the bottom of the windy road that tunnels through the Ko’olau Mountains, is Kailua. This heavenly little town is a marvel and one of the places that becomes a dream place to live. You will find everything in this growing town, from Whole Foods to a mom and pop breakfast joint, and one of the most incredible beaches you will ever encounter. With less than 40,000 residents, Kailua’s popularity is on the rise. Many locals have retreated here to retire, and it has seen an uptick in younger adults choosing to live outside of the busy city.

Its most famous feature is Kailua Beach, located just about a mile from the center of town. The powder white sand is perfect for a day of lounging and due to its location on the island, windsurfing is a major sport in town. The beach stretches for about 2 miles before turning into a rocky shoreline for a short period, eventually returning to the most stunning sand you will ever see and Lanikai Beach. Both beaches are among the most beautiful beaches every year, and this is widely recognized by travel publications and experts.

Kailua’s beauty is matched only by its charm, and many residents in town will tell you that they made a visit here and just couldn't leave. The weekly farmer’s market is a social event that is as popular as any other event that takes place in town, and there are many notable landmarks around the 12 square mile town, including the town square, Kawainui Marsh, the offshore islands Da Mokula, and the military base at the end of town. Former President Barack Obama made annual treks with his family to Kailua, bringing the town great attention.

Anytime you’re welcomed into a town in Hawaii, it is important to remember that this is where people live, and locals take great pride in their island. Kailua is a great place to spend a day and enjoy a little taste of Hawaii life. Grab some food in town and then hit the best beaches on the island and prepare to fall in love with Kailua.

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