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Hawaii Tours or DIY?

If you really think long and hard about how we operate in our day to day lives, we’re often left with the question of hire someone, or do it yourself. Most things, say home improvements and car repair, it’s best to leave to the experts. But for some things, it’s DIY all the way. This also applies to your vacation in Hawaii, and determining which the right path to take is really depends on what you’re comfortable with. Should you take a Hawaii tour to discover the islands, or do it yourself and find all of the things that make Hawaii special on your own?

The actual planning of your vacation is likely to be done DIY, as anyone can access a travel booking site, or find a reasonably priced flight in just a few clicks. The same holds true for finding a place to stay, whether it is a hotel or a vacation rental, and if you opt for a rental car, it’s just as easy as anything else. If you absolutely had to, booking travel and lodging could be done in about an hour, and you’d be ready to go.

Once you arrive, it gets a little bit more complicated, and this is where the DIY vs Hawaii Tours comes into play. For some, they are perfectly comfortable figuring things out on their own, navigating the streets, and finding where to go. With maps on our phones, the directions are easy, and just seeing the sites is perfectly fine. But what about the information, history, and insider’s knowledge. It’s one thing to go to a destination, but it’s another thing to experience the destination.

On any Hawaii tour, getting an expert’s take is part of the experience, and once you start to learn the history of Hawaii, and hear the stories of the islands, it’s impossible to stop. The more you know about the islands, the more you can appreciate the history and discover the often tragic history of Hawaii’s royalty, the settling of the islands, and historic events like the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Every single event is important to the islands, and when you’re on a Hawaii tour, you learn so much about Hawaii. This is not something that you can take from doing it yourself.

That’s not to say that you can’t experience some DIY on your trip. If you choose, take a rental car to a secluded part of the island you are visiting, and get a little lost. Don’t worry, you can always turn on map and get back to where you are going, but not having any clue where you’re going is fun, and you might stumble upon a hidden beach, or find a restaurant that is off the beaten path. Imagine eating the best Thai food you’ve ever had while visiting Oahu’s North Shore, all because you followed the road and found a new area. This is where DIY is the way to go.

When planning your trip, be sure to weigh the benefits of a Hawaii tour or a DIY experience. There is certainly room for both and each is a great option for experiencing Hawaii. The island are incredible, and the more you discover, the more you will love paradise.

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