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Holo Holo and More Hawaiian Words

During your travels to the islands, you are going to pick up some of the local language. The predominant language that is spoken in Hawaii is English, however the islands are a cultural melting pot, and there are a variety of languages that are spoken here. In fact, there are two official languages in the state: Hawaiian and English. Additionally, Pidgin is the unofficial 3rd language of the islands, combining words from English and Hawaiian, and is widely used by locals.

Some of the words you will pick up while visiting are commonly used, and express gratitude, are used as a greeting, and some are actually the names of places or events. We’ve put together a list of some words that you might need prior to your trip, and will be helpful throughout your vacation.

Aloha – Hello, goodbye, and a word that is used to express many different things. The Aloha Spirit is everywhere in Hawaii, so be sure to embrace it.
Mahalo – Thank you, to express gratitude. Be sure to use this as often as possible.
Da Kine – Used as a space filler, or when you cannot remember the name of something. It is common to hear Da Kine used for many different reasons
Imu – You’ll see the Imu at your luau, as this is the underground oven where the pig is cooked.
Luau – the Hawaiian Word of party!
Holo Holo – go cruising, go riding, or go out for leisure. Many visitors go holo holo around the island to check out the sites.
Ohana – family. Along with Aloha, this may be the most important thing in Hawaii
Lanai – outdoor balcony or porch. Step out on your lanai and take in the stunning sites.
Keiki – child.
Pau – done. Be on the lookout for Pau Hana (“Happy Hour”; done with work) deals.
Honu – Hawaii Green Sea Turtle. If you are lucky enough to spot one of these incredible sea dwellers, be sure to keep a safe distance.
Kokua – help, or provide assistance. It is always appropriate to kokua when someone is in need.
Lei – necklace of flowers. Pick up a lei upon your arrival to the islands.
Ono – good, or tasty. If you are enjoying your meal, be sure to tell your server or the chef that the food was so ono.

The Hawaiian language is so much fun to learn, and by using just a handful of words in the native language, you will feel like you belong in no time at all.

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