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How to Get Around in Hawaii

There is a very good chance that your trip to Hawaii will not include a rental car, and really, unless you are planning on multiple trips that take you far distances from your hotel, it is not needed. It is a great luxury to have, but you might be better off without it.

Consider this: renting a car will cost about $30 per day, or if you take advantage of a weekly rate, it’s $150. Right off the bat, that reduces your vacation budget, and limits you. That $150 is enough for a really nice dinner, or a fun activity like snorkeling. And taking a little bit deeper of a look, you have to factor in the cost to park, which can be shocking. Parking is scarce in and around places like Waikiki, and even on Maui, there are not a lot of places to park. At a resort or hotel, parking can run $24 per day, with no weekly rates. So if you are coming for 7 days, that’s an additional $168! Add in the cost to rent the car, and you’re looking at more than $300 just for a rental car, and we think there are much better options for spending $300.

What are the alternatives for getting around in Hawaii?

Public Transportation
Though Hawaii’s rail system is still under construction, the public bus system is great. TheBus is Hawaii’s award winning transit system that operates on all islands, and can get you anywhere you need to go. If you plan appropriately, riding TheBus is simple and shows you around the island while getting you where you need to go. One-way fare is $2.50 and you can also purchase a day pass for $5, giving you unlimited rides. Don’t forget to ask for a transfer voucher when you get on, giving you an additional ride within 2 hours.

Ride Sharing
Uber and Lyft operate in Hawaii, and though costly, can get you around quicker than TheBus. If you are traveling a short distance, and only using once in a while, this would be the way to go.

Taxi Cab
Taxi’s are a common form of transportation, and like ride sharing, can get you somewhere quickly. Standard fare from the Honolulu Airport to Waikiki is about $40, so use with caution.

You’ll see them everywhere, and in some cases, hear them coming from down the street. Mopeds are the preferred form of transportation around town, and though they can’t ride on highways, provide a cost effective option for college students and young locals who don't want the hassle of a car. You can rent a moped and use it for the day to get around, just be careful!

If you aren’t going too far, and want the best options, just walk! Getting some exercise, enjoying the fresh air and scenery, and exploring on foot is great and there is nothing to worry about except where you are going and wearing the right shoes.

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