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Locally Grown Agriculture in Hawaii

One of the things about Hawaii that is so unique and diverse is the agriculture grown in Hawaii. The standard staples like everyday vegetables and fruit are grown all over the islands, and help to nourish the islands, and keep locals fed. Sustainability is vital to Hawaii, so finding locally sourced produce is a big deal to local grocers and restaurants, and it also helps to keep the local farmers thriving, and ensuring that fresh food is always available.

There are quite a few crops that are grown in Hawaii that has helped the islands to reach a global audience, and produce a delicious assortment of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, all helping to make Hawaii’s agriculture known throughout the world.

Easily the most famous crop grown in Hawaii, the pineapple is synonymous with the islands, and Hawaii is thought to have the most delicious pineapple in the world. Though the production of the fruit has diminished significantly as the years have gone by, there are still plenty of pineapple fields on all islands, with the most famous being Oahu’s Dole Pineapple Plantation.

Many are surprised to discover that coffee is grown on the Big Island, and further surprised to discover that it is actually a fruit, with the bean coming from the inside of a berry. Hawaii is the only state in the country that grows coffee and due to the rich volcanic soil, coffee trees flourish and production thrives. Once you’ve tried a cup of 100% Kona Coffee, you’ll be hooked.

Fruits and Vegetables
Everything from avocado to mango grows throughout Hawaii, and finding a tree in a local backyard is a very common thing to see. The fruits and vegetables found in Hawaii is a nearly endless list, with all islands producing sweet and juicy fruit that can be found at local grocery stores, farmers markets, and roadside stands. Some of the best places to find roadside stands are on a drive around the island, with local farmers supplying freshly picked fruits to fuel your adventure.

Macadamia Nuts
One of the most popular crops grown in Hawaii is the Macadamia Nut. This delicious nut is used in everyone’s favorite candy and even a handful of mac nuts makes for a delicious snack. Grown on trees all over Hawaii, a Macadamia nut is a delicious nut that helps to make Hawaii unique.

There is certainly no shortage of great foods grown in Hawaii and many restaurants make it a point to use local ingredients from Hawaiian farmers, making use of the diversity of crops in Hawaii. Finding these restaurants is always a treat and can be a great part of any trip to the islands.
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