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One Scenic Site on Each Hawaiian Island

The pristine beauty and natural landscapes of Hawaii are among the most beautiful places in the entire world. Throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the scenic sites help to make the islands special, and add to the tropical paradise that we love. The diverse landscapes that dot the islands create environments that are rarely found together, making Hawaii a truly unique place to visit.

Each island features great attractions to visit, and there are incredible sites, historic landmarks, picturesque views, and nearly endless places to visit while vacation in Hawaii. Visiting these places might be a bit easier than you think, and finding one scenic site to enjoy will take you to some pretty special places. What are some of the best places to check out? We’ve chosen one attraction on each island for you to visit, helping you to have an experience in Hawaii that you will never forget.

Oahu – Nu’uanu Pali Lookout
Tucked into the lush rainforest of the Ko’olau Mountains, the Pali Lookout provides sweeping panoramic views of Windward Oahu, stretching from Chinman’s Hat to just south of Kailua. The area was the site of one of the most significant battles in Hawaiian history, bringing Oahu under the rule of King Kamehameha the Great in the unification of the islands. While visiting, hang on tight; the Pali Lookout is one of the windiest locations in Hawaii, with gusts reaching in excess of 80 mph!

Maui – 7 Sacred Pools
Located near Hana along Maui’s east coast, the Pools of O’heo, or the 7 Sacred Pools are a must during a drive around Maui’s famed Road to Hana. The lower pools are easy to access and suitable for swimming, providing a refreshing dip with stunning scenery. It is important to exercise caution when making your way to the pools, and highly advised to stay away from the higher pools.

Kauai – Na Pali Coast
Though this is one site, it isn’t something that you can see all at once, unless you’re viewing it from above. The scenic stretch of Kauai’s west coast is entirely uninhabited, and is one of the more challenging hikes in Hawaii, totaling 14 miles! The views from the top of the towering sea cliffs are breathtaking, and there countless hidden beaches and lush valleys scattered throughout the coastline. Helicopter Tours offer the best views of Na Pali, while Sailing Tours and Dinner Cruise options give a close up view of one of Hawaii’s most treasured sites.

Big Island – Mauna Kea
While visiting the Big Island, the summit of Mauna Kea is one of the places you have to see. Not only is the summit the highest point in Hawaii, when measuring the entire mountain, including what is beneath the sea, this is the tallest mountain in the world. It is the only place in Hawaii that routinely receives snow, and observation telescopes allow scientists to discover the universe. Head up to the summit on a Summit and Stars Adventure and get the best view of the galaxy.

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