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Sampling the Delicious Cuisine of the Hawaiian Islands

Everyone that visits the Hawaiian Islands has an idea of the foods that they are looking to try, and it usually involves fresh fish, caught off the coast of the islands, and served within a day or two of arriving at the local fish market. We are certainly fans of the freshest fish you will ever taste.

Visitors to the islands quickly discover that the islands offer more than just fresh fish as the local cuisine. As a melting pot of different cultures, Hawaii has adopted a culinary palate all its own, offering different foods from around the world, right here in paradise.

Of course, fresh fish is still a staple, and many cultures use the sustainable fish found around Hawaii as the star of many dishes. For example, Ahi Tuna is used in so many different dishes, from so many different cultures, that you can rest assure you will find an Ahi dish at nearly any restaurant you visit. From a Japanese sushi restaurant, to a local Poke place, and even in more mainstream restaurants that offer Ahi as a main dish, it is widely used.

A trip to Hawaii is also a great time to branch out a little and try something that you normally wouldn't try. Take for instance Vietnamese food. This cuisine is not widely found on the Mainland, so the opportunities to find these dishes are not available everyday. But in Hawaii, Vietnamese food is very popular, so the chances to find a local favorite and stop in for lunch or dinner. You really can’t go wrong with a big bowl of Pho, a Vietnamese soup, and you will love the flavors, ingredients, and freshness of this favorite dish.

The influence of different cultures can be found all around Hawaii. And the great thing about having many different cultures in one place has its advantages. Chefs inspire each other, and challenge each other to branch out, creating dishes that are unique to Hawaii, and cross cultural lines, giving Hawaii just one more unique feature.

During your trip, don’t be afraid to try something new. The best restaurants are usually the most unassuming, and are found everywhere. Locally owned restaurants are thriving, so you know that the food is great, and the dishes are expertly prepared. Enjoy the flavors of Hawaii, and be sure to share your favorite dishes with friends and family.

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