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The Perfect Day in Hawaii

Let’s pretend for a moment that your trip to Hawaii is only going to be one single day, and you have to make your experience as memorable as possible. What would you do? Would you spend your entire day at a secluded beach, soaking up the sun, and relaxing on the beach? Or would you head out for adventure and spend your time creating an experience that you would never forget?

Of course, everyone has their own preferences, and their individual ideas of what makes a day special can be drastically different. Your perfect day is what you envision it being, and making the most of a brief time should be what you want.

But, we can’t resist helping with suggestions. After all, this is what we do, day in and day out, and helping to create a memorable experience is our passion. So, here is our idea of the perfect day in Hawaii. This might give you some ideas, and might help to inspire you with what you want to do during your extended time in the islands.

Begin with an early rise before the sun comes up, so that you can have every minute to have fun. Grab a quick bite to eat from a local juice shop (hello acai bowl!) and get your day started. Since you’ve already gotten your start and the sun has yet to come up, head up to a high point to watch the sunrise. Diamond Head on Oahu, or the summit of Haleakala is perfect, though the latter will require an extra early rise. Once the sky has brightened up, it’s onto the next.

Nothing will wake you up like a dip in the cool ocean, so head down to the nearest beach for a quick dip. You will feel alive instantly, and be ready to tackle what’s next.

Head towards the mountains on a great hike that you’ve asked around for, and that will take you to an incredible destination. Some hikes can take a considerable amount of time, so this will take you quite a while, maybe even most of the day. All along the trail, you’ll see the native plants and animals that make the islands special. Surrounded by nature, you’ll discover the natural beauty of the islands, and the vast diversity that they are famous for. At the end of your hike, you’ll find the best part: either a hidden waterfall, or maybe an incredible view of the island. Sites like Koko Head Crater on Oahu provide a stunning view of the island, and will truly take your breath away.

A good part of your day is behind you, but it is still not over. After hiking for a while, you’ll need a quick bite, so find some Poke and head for the water. After recuperating and refueling, take a moment to enjoy the beach, and the beauty that it brings. They say the ocean heals, so take a dip to revitalize you and get ready for the evening.

Nightfall brings fun, and the perfect end to your day is at an authentic Hawaiian Luau. Live entertainment, games, laughter, and a delicious buffet are all in store, and this celebration of fun and the traditions of the islands are the perfect end to your perfect day in Hawaii.

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