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What To Expect When Visiting Hawaii for the First Time

What To Expect When Visiting Hawaii for the First Time

At this point in your vacation planning, you’ve likely read all of the blogs, articles, how to guides, and sought out advice from friends and family that have visited the islands. And when all of the information that is available, you’ve probably found that some of the information is incomplete, or based off of someone’s experience that may not have been exactly what they hoped for. All information is good information, but it is important to take it into consideration and not let it affect your trip. Hawaii is an incredible place and a visit here is a very special time.

There is so much to be desired when it comes to Hawaii and knowing a bit of what to expect will help your planning and give you an idea of what a trip might look like. Keep it in mind, but don't be afraid to ignore it. Your experience should be a unique visit that consists of the tours and activities that you want to do, and not be a cookie cutter trip that follows a set plan. Sure, you’ll make reservations for Hawaii’s top tours and activities, but don’t be afraid to go with the flow. Knowing what to expect when visiting Hawaii for the first time is important and we want you to be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Have you ever heard the term “island time?” This comes from the laid back and easy going way of life of Hawaii’s locals, and it is not meant to be a bad thing. We may run a little late, or might not be in the biggest rush, but that’s Hawaii. Aside from tours and activities starting right on time, or pick-ups being time perfectly, Hawaii is a very relaxed and laid back place. And we love it! Don't be afraid to adopt island time during your trip. A smile and a shaka will make up for anything.

Hawaii’s beaches are amazing and are a big reason many take the trip. However, these are not the beaches you will find on the Mainland and caution must be taken when hanging out on the beach. The currents are very strong, and if you’re swimming skills are not the strongest, it might be best to stay out. Along Waikiki Beach on Oahu, you will be fine, and there are certain spots on each island that allow you to enter the water will little cause for concern, but always proceed with caution.

During your visit, get out of your comfort zone a little it and don’t be afraid to try something new. Try a new activity, or take an adventure that you might not typically take. It will be well worth it.

Locals and residents are very friendly and love sharing their tropical paradise with visitors. But please treat the islands with respect and love. Pick up after yourself, leave things as you found them, and always be courteous. As mentioned previously, a smile and shaka will get you very far, as will a little Aloha and a Mahalo.

Your trip is bound to be the trip you’ve always dreamt of, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll fall in love with everything about Hawaii. Enjoy every single second of your trip, create adventure, soak in everything about Hawaii, and prepare to fall in love with our island paradise.

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