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Which Hawaiian Island is Right for You?

In the early stages of planning a Hawaiian vacation, there is much to learn, and much to figure out. Which hotel will you stay at? Which activities are right for you? Can you drive between the islands? Alright, we’re half kidding with that last one, but we have heard the question before, and for first time visitors to the islands, that may be one of the many unknowns.

Another unknown is which island will you visit. For visitors making a return visit, they likely will have an easier time answering that, having already been to one or more islands, and may be looking to complete their visit to all islands, or they know which island is the best for them, and know right where to go.

For first timers, figuring out which island to visit is no easy task. All islands, with the exception of Ni’ihau, are great options for visitors, and the 4 main Hawaiian Islands offer much to be desired. It really depends on YOU, and what you enjoy on vacation.

So, which Hawaiian Island is right for you? Let’s figure that out!

Most first time visitors to Hawaii stay on Oahu. And many return visitors make regular visits to the island. Of all the islands, it is the easiest to get to, with direct flights from many locations, and offers the most places to stay. The streets of Waikiki are lined with hotels, and there is so much to do on the island. From great tour and activities to some of the most famous sites in Hawaii, Oahu is truly a remarkable destination, and is a great option for everyone.

In annual surveys of the best vacation destination in the world, Maui is always at or near the top. The lush island features unmatched beauty and incredible adventure, not to mention some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever encounter. Many visitors make annual trips to the island, and even locals enjoy an escape to the Valley Isle. Maui combines the laid back atmosphere that Hawaii is famous for, with incredible resorts with a more traditional vacation, while staying true to its Hawaiian roots.

Of all Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is probably the most charming. As the least developed of the islands, Kauai features sleep small towns, fewer hotels and resorts, and a very easygoing way of life. Quite a few visitors to Kauai have made numerous trips to the islands, and are looking for a true escape from it all. While there are amazing thing to do on Kauai, like exploring the Na Pali Coast, a trip to the island is really about relaxing and enjoying time on an amazing island.

Big Island
Similar to Kauai, the Big Island is the place to go to really escape. While there are great hotels and resorts along the Kona and Waikoloa Coasts, the Big Island is really about getting away and enjoying time in Hawaii. Of course, the island’s biggest draw is Mt. Kilauea, and there are really great options for activities, but the best part of the Big Island is finding out what makes the island so special.

Planning a trip to Hawaii is exciting, and discovering all you can about each island is what makes traveling to Hawaii so great. You’re sure to love whichever island you choose, and planning future trips to Hawaii will allow you to see what makes each one so unique.

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