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Oahu Beaches

Sunset Beach

Being one of Oahu’s finest beaches for swimming and snorkeling, Sunset Beach is a wonderful spot for beach goers during the summer months when the water is usually calm.

Waikiki Beach

Once a playground for Hawaiian royalty, the world famous neighborhood known as Waikiki was first introduced to the world when the first hotel, the Moana Surfrider was built in 1901 on it’s shores.

Waimanalo Beach

With a 4-mile long beach, beautiful scenery, soft sand, and beautiful ocean colors, Waimanalo Beach in Oahu is a great beach to visit. Back in the day, the northern part of the beach used to be a vacation spot for the military in which it was part of an air force base.

Kailua Beach

On you way to Kailua Beach, you will pass through the Kailua Town, in which you will find very charming. With a variety of restaurants and shops scattered all along Kailua Road, you are sure to find something to satisfy anyone’s tastes.

Lanikai Beach

It’s no wonder that Oahu’s Lanikai Beach has made it’s way onto many postcards, pictures, travel guides, and wall calendars. For several years, Lanikai Beach has been America’s number one beach.

If you are looking for a romantic sunset, friendly swimming locations, family picnic areas, and high adventures on the open sea, you will find it all at the best beaches in Oahu. The island of Oahu has several extraordinary beaches that offer numerous outdoor activities creating a fun-filled day under the Hawaiian sun! The best Oahu beaches provide excellent surfing conditions, safe swimming spots, outrigger canoeing, boogie boarding, windsurfing, kite boarding, kayaking, and strolling along the shoreline. Contact Hawaii Discount for an excellent tour of beaches in Oahu. Beaches in Oahu have excellent reef protection from waves providing the perfect place for children to play. You will find miles and miles of the best Oahu beaches offering many excellent surf breaks.  The best beaches in Oahu also offer visitors locations to escape the crowded tourist scene. Along these beaches of Oahu, you will find solitude and serenity as you enjoy the soft sounds of the rolling waves beating against the shore. At dusk, you will witness the most beautiful blazing sunsets as you stroll along beaches on Oahu. The top ten beaches of Oahu listed by “Discover Garden” a Hawaii adventure resource include Waimea Bay, Lanikai Beach, Diamond Head Beach, Makaha Beach, Waikiki Beach, Sandy’s Beach, Makapu’u Beach, Haleiwa Beach, Bellows Beach, and Ko Olina Lagoon. Although there are many other great beaches on Oahu, these were listed at the top of the list. Take the opportunity during your Hawaiian vacation to visit one of the most popular and not so popular beaches on Oahu with Hawaii Discount. All the beaches of Oahu are beautiful and offer unique features. Experience the best beaches Oahu has to offer. Save money on all Hawaii Tours that offer the best Oahu beaches. Hawaii Discount will schedule your vacation package and create memories you will never forget.  

North Shore Beaches

The north shore is the most secluded region of the island of Oahu. The area offers the best Oahu beaches that are renowned to be the greatest surfing playground in the winter for tourists and locals. The north shore provides perfect glassy winter waves that attract avid surfers from all parts of the world. These mammoth waves can swell up to 30 feet or more! The north shore has more than 7 miles of white sandy beaches and in the summer months provides small and gentle waves creating excellent swimming experiences and perfect locations for the novice surfer. Located on the northeastern tip of the island, you will find one of the best beaches of Oahu named Turtle Bay. This is one of the best Oahu beaches that offer a protection from huge waves and strong surf. If you are an avid snorkeler, you will enjoy Turtle Bay as you explore the underwater paradise of Oahu and witness Hawaiian green sea turtles. Sunset Beach spans a distance of two miles and has the longest extension of shoreline that provides the perfect area to ride wild and challenging surf. Visit a legendary beach, Waimea Bay, that was a significant surfing location during the emerging of the big wave surfing era in the 1950’s. Discover these best beaches in Oahu and many other fantastic beaches Oahu has to offer with Hawaii Discount.

West Shore Beaches

The west shore or leeward side features several large vacation resorts, but because this area is not as popular as the south, east, and north shores there is only a small selection of vacation rentals. If you want to have a private and secluded experience that includes the best beaches Oahu has to offer on the west shore, then contact Hawaii Discount and schedule your vacation beach resort. The west shore offers a unique experience with numerous beaches of Oahu that line the west coast. The west shore has the best Oahu beaches with spectacular views. This area is famous for the best beaches on Oahu for offshore fishing spots. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserves is one of the best beaches of Oahu with coconut trees lined along its 2000 feet of white sandy shore. Snorkelers and swimmers enjoy the protective crescent-shaped bay that makes exploring the colorful ocean life a pleasure. Sandy Beach and Makaha Beach provide some of the largest waves for excellent surfing. Contact Hawaii Discount for more information about other beaches Oahu has to offer.

South Shore Beaches

If you like to mingle with the tourist crowds, then the south coast is just perfect for you. This coast is the tourist focal point of the best Oahu beaches with consistent good weather and beautiful bustling beaches with plenty of action. The south shore has several family-friendly beaches on Oahu that include adventures such as tide pooling, swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and many other fun in the sun activities. This coastline offers fantastic picnic areas along the beaches on Oahu for ultimate family fun. One of the best beaches in Oahu is the famous and popular Waikiki Beach. You will enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, surfing, and other water activities along the two miles of shoreline of the Waikiki coast. Ala Moana Beach is also one of the best beaches of Oahu and during the summer months you will find this 76-acre park full of action with joggers, kite flyers, tennis players, rollerbladers, sunbathers, swimmers, fishermen, surfers, and family picnickers. Hawaii Discount will schedule all these activities and more for your family vacation with affordable prices.

East Shore Beaches

The east shore or windward side offers the best Oahu beaches with breathtaking views of dramatic mountain ridges and numerous selections of vacation rentals. You will have the opportunity to explore some of the best Oahu beaches with lush tropical settings. Beaches of Oahu on the east shore offer the most popular locations for sailing and kite flying enthusiasts. The temperature on the east shore remains cool 90 percent of the year because of the northeast trade winds. In 1998, Kailua Beach was voted the most popular and number one beach in the United States by Dr. Beach. This is one of the best Oahu beaches with its 30-acre park offering numerous activities that will please your entire family. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best beaches in Oahu as you encounter such fun as playing volleyball, sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, picnicking, and many other outdoor activities. With the constant trade winds, Kailua Beach offers the best windsurfing conditions on Oahu. Discover other beaches on Oahu such as Lanikai Beach that is perfect for swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. The longest beach on Oahu is the Waimanalo Beach providing the most spacious areas for all kinds of beach and water activities. Makapuu Beach offers a shoreline of 1,000 feet with white sand and is perfect for bodyboarding and bodysurfing. Contact Hawaii Discount and discover several of the best beaches in Oahu. Enjoy the extra amenities and unique features each beach in Oahu has to offer. Save money with Hawaii Discount on all Hawaii Tours including the best beaches of Oahu.


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