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Hawaii Destinations – Oahu’s Kualoa Ranch

Over on Oahu’s Windward Coast, there is a much different feel when compared with the busy city of Honolulu. The lush rainforest and towering mountain ranges stretch for as far as the eye can see, and aside from a few sleepy beach towns, this side of the island is pretty quiet, a far cry from the streets of the big city that is not that far away. Along the windward coast, the island’s most spectacular beaches are found, along with incredible destinations and fun attractions.

Coming over the mountains on one of the two highways that connect Honolulu with the windward side, a sense of peace and calm comes over you. This part of the island is so charming and always a fun getaway, even if for just a few hours. From Waimanalo Beach to the Kualoa Ranch, there is quite a bit to and see, and after you’ve gotten to know this part of the island, you’ll want to spend plenty of time here.

Oahu’s Kualoa Ranch has a long and sacred history, dating back to the days of ancient Hawaii, and has a remained as a site of great significance. In the earliest days of the island, the Kualoa Valley was used only by chiefs, with different ceremonies and rituals taking place here. In fact, it is believed by many that the first Taro plant was grown in the Kualoa Valley, lending the most important crop to Hawaii; one that would be used for hundreds of years, providing a sustainable source or nourishment to residents.  

The days of exclusivity in the valley are long behind us, and today, the 4,000-acre ranch is a popular destination for Hawaii activities and events, with Kualoa hosting everything from weddings to birthday parties. If you are just here for a visit, you can take part in so many fun activities that explore the area, and while you’re out trekking along the trails, you’ll learn quite a bit about Hawaii’s history, and the role that the valley has played throughout the years.

Visitors to Kualoa Ranch almost instantly recognize the surroundings from movies and television shows. The towering mountain range and the vast valley have been featured in so many of our favorites, and the landmarks around the ranch are in place to show off the most famous sites, including sites from Jurassic Park, LOST, and Hawaii 5-0. The pristine landscape provides the perfect backdrop for different places throughout the world, and due to its diversity and natural beauty, the area has acted as a stand in for so many different places.

There are so many great Hawaii activities to choose from at the ranch, and narrowing it down to just a few is usually quite the chore. There is something for everyone, from horseback riding and ATV adventures, to sailing and jungle expeditions; everyone has the choice to pick the activities that fit their interests and enjoy what they want, without every leaving the ranch. During a day at Kualoa, choose from:

  • Full-Day Adventure Packages
  • Movie Sites and Ranch Tour
  • Jungle Expedition
  • Secret Beach Expedition
  • Ocean Voyaging Tour
  • Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond and Tropical Garden Tour
  • ATV Adventure Tour
  • Horseback Rides
  • Zipline Expeditions

Due to the high volume of visitors traveling to Hawaii year round, our Hawaii tours and activities sell out quickly. In many cases, tours sell out weeks or months in advance. To ensure your spots on tour, we recommend reserving your tours today. Call our office or book online to take advantage of our low price guarantee today.

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