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Oahu Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Oahu Helicopter Tours

See the part of Oahu that can’t be seen from the ground. Oahu helicopter tours allow you to enjoy great aerial views of remote valleys, lush mountain peaks and hidden waterfalls – an Oahu that is very different from Waikiki. So don’t leave Oahu without having seen it first! Hawaii Discount offers a great selection of helicopter tours on Oahu at hugely discounted rates.

Fly over Oahu’s top attractions, including Pearl Harbor, Waikiki and Hanauma Bay and then continue on to discover inaccessible valleys in the Ko'olau Mountain Range, towering Sacred Falls and the world-famous big wave surfing beaches on the North Shore.

There are a variety of helicopter tour packages available. Some tours show you the entire island of Oahu, or you can choose a tour that focuses on one section of the island, for example Pearl Harbor, Waikiki and the Makapu'u sea cliffs on Oahu's south shore. But what all Oahu helicopter tours offer is great aerial views of the island. One thing is sure – you’ll have plenty of great photo opportunities. Helicopter rides are one of the most popular things to do on Oahu, so get your tickets today!

Departing from Honolulu International Airport

Makani Kai Helicopters - Ali'i Sacred Falls Flight
From: $264.00
You save: $39.00
Duration: 60 minutes

The most comprehensive Oahu helicopter tour! Fly above Waikiki and the sea cliffs of Makapu'u and then continue on to Oahu's windward coast and the beaches on the North Shore.

Oahu Island Seaplane - Islander Flight
From: $260.86
You save: $52.22
Duration: 60 minutes

Enjoy a one-hour seaplane flight over Oahu's lush windward coast and the famous big wave surfing beaches on the North Shore.

Oahu Island Seaplane - Aloha Flight
From: $158.90
You save: $28.53
Duration: 30 minutes

After an exhilarating take-off from the water, you'll fly alongside Honolulu Harbor and Aloha Tower before passing offshore of Waikiki Beach for look down into Diamond Head Crater.

Makani Kai Helicopters - Pali Makani Flight
From: $149.75
You save: $20.50
Duration: 30 minutes

The most popular Oahu helicopter tour! This flight offers an amazing combination of history and wilderness.

Makani Kai Helicopters - Hidden Oahu Flight
From: $204.75
You save: $30.25
Duration: 45 minutes

See the entire windward coast of Oahu including hidden Sacred Falls! Then continue on to the surfing beaches of the North Shore and Oahu's central plain.

Makani Kai Helicopters - Doors Off
From: $208.00
You save: $27.00
Duration: 50 minutes

Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Oahu with no doors in the way! Feel free like a bird and enjoy plenty of fantastic photo opportunities on this doors off Oahu helicopter tour.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Blue Skies of Oahu
From: $233.39
Duration: 45 minutes

Experience the phenomenal scenery of this amazing island's hidden rainforests, lush valleys and waterfalls. This tour also includes Pearl Harbor!

Departing from Turtle Bay Resort Helipad, North Shore Oahu

Paradise Helicopters - Oahu Magnum Experience
From: $277.22
You save: $41.78
Duration: 60 minutes

On this Oahu helicopter tour you will fly the same thrilling route seen in the opening sequence of Magnum, P.I.! See all of the island’s highlights.

Paradise Helicopters - Valleys & Waterfall Explorer
From: $199.01
You save: $29.99
Duration: 40 minutes

Soar above the 1,000-foot Sacred Falls, the dramatic ridgelines of the Ko'olau Mountain Range, beautiful Kaneohe Bay and its many sandbars, as well as the fabled North Shore surf breaks.

Paradise Helicopters - North Shore Adventure
From: $155.56
You save: $23.44
Duration: 20 minutes

See the highlights of Oahu’s beautiful North Shore on this 20-minute flight. Enjoy fascinating aerial views of world-famous surfing beaches, including Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline.

Paradise Helicopters - North Shore Sunset Spectacular
From: $214.09
You save: $34.91
Duration: 30 minutes

Departing from the helipad at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore, enjoy a half-hour sunset helicopter tour that takes you along the island’s world-famous surfing beaches.

Departing from Ko Olina, West Shore Oahu

Makani Kai Helicopters - Waikiki Spectacular (from Ko Olina)
From: $158.30
You save: $31.95
Duration: 30 minutes

This 30-minute helicopter tour leaves from the Ko Olina area. During this flight you will enjoy great aerial views of top Honolulu and Waikiki sights.

Makani Kai Helicopters - Ko Olina Circle Island Spectacular
From: $272.00
You save: $55.00
Duration: 60 minutes

This is the perfect Oahu helicopter tour if you are staying in the Ko Olina resort area, located on Oahu’s leeward coast. During your one-hour flight, you’ll circle the entire island of Oahu and enjoy plenty of great photo opportunities.


Oahu Helicopter Tour from Hawaii Discount on Vimeo.

One of the most popular Hawaii activities are helicopter tours. Hawaii helicopter tours really give you spectacular views of the islands below. Out of all the great things to do in Hawaii, a helicopter tour offers a wonderful opportunity to get the most out of your Hawaii vacation. The island of Oahu is a fabulous destination for a helicopter tour. Oahu helicopter tours will glide you over some of the most extraordinary scenery on Earth.

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