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The best Kauai Beaches are known for clear waters and gorgeous backdrops

Polihale Beach

Located on the northern end of Polihale Beach is Polihale State Park. This park is enjoyed by many and has nice facilities such as: restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and drinking water.

Anini Beach

With a protective reef creating a beautiful and calm blue lagoon, Kauai’s Anini Beach is a great spot for snorkeling, swimming, and certain wind-like activities.

Secret Beach

Known as Kauapea Beach, there is no question that this beach is a best-kept secret, which is why many like to call it “Secret Beach”. Located way off the beaten track on Kauai’s north shore, Secret Beach is nestled in at the base of a sheer cliff.

Mahaulepu Beach

Mahaulepu Beach is a beachcomber’s paradise with a variety of landscapes to explore such as: sandstone cliffs, lava tubes, isolated coves, and blowholes. Discovering this sacred part of the island makes it an exciting day to be at Mahaulepu Beach.

Poipu Beach

Another one of the world’s best beaches happens to be Poipu Beach in Kauai. Running along Kauai’s south coast, Poipu Beach is made up of a series of three white crescents curving beside the beautiful turquoise waters of the ocean.

Makua Beach

With a large lagoon and a massive hook-shaped reef providing protection from the surf, its no question that Makua Beach is Kauai’s snorkeling and diving paradise. The reef is so big here at Makua Beach, that it can actually be seen from space!

Hanalei Bay Beach

Stretching at 2 miles (3.2 km) long, Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on the island of Kauai, with golden sands and cliffs that reflect into the gorgeous clear waters, it’s no wonder that it is one of Hawaii’s best beaches.

It doesn't matter whether you are vacationing on the west, east, north, or south coast of Kauai, you will find long stretches of warm aqua waters, white sand, and gorgeous tropical backdrops when visiting the best beaches in Kauai.  Hawaii Discount will introduce you to the island of Kauai and its 60 beautiful beaches that extend over 90 miles of coastline. As you explore the best Kauai Beaches with Hawaii Discount, you will soon discover why the beaches in Kauai have been voted as the most popular and most visited beaches in Hawaii. Kauai's best beaches offer unpredictable ocean conditions, raging waves, and strong rip currents. Perfect for the avid surfer! Beaches in Kauai provide some of the most exquisite landscapes that include deep canyons, sheer cliffs, and coastal rainforests. The island is surrounded by the best beaches in Kauai with 50 miles of sparkling white sand and remote spots providing an intimate ambience away from the bustling crowds. Spend your Hawaii vacation enjoying the beauty of the coast, white and black sand beaches, rugged mountains, and spectacular ocean cliffs at the most popular beaches Kauai, Hawaii has to offer. The beaches in Kauai are breathtaking and sometimes words cannot describe the beauty you will see, especially as the sun sets. The best Kauai beaches can be found on the north, south, east, and west coasts of the island. Indulge your special someone or family members with an experience of exploring Kauai's best beaches. The "Garden Isle" awaits your visit. Contact Hawaii Discount for the most affordable tours with the best beaches in Kauai. Save money on all beaches Kauai, Hawaii tours with Hawaii Discount.

North Shore Beaches

Some of the best beaches in Kauai are located on the North Shore. The numerous beaches in Kauai located on the North Shore provide a picturesque setting of miles of rugged mountains, breathtaking ocean cliffs, lush taro fields, and gorgeous beaches. The most awe-inspiring feature of the best beaches in Kauai on the North Shore is the stunning Napali Coast.  Beaches Kauai, Hawaii offers this amazing spectacle of I7-miles of coastline with sheer cliffs towering up to 3,000 feet. Along the North Shore beaches in Kauai, you will witness lush fertile valleys, mysterious ocean caves, and sparkling cascading waterfalls. You will be stunned with the surrounding beauty that is located in just one location ... Beaches Kauai, Hawaii. Visit the North Shore Beaches and see the most gorgeous beaches Kauai, Hawaii has to offer with Hawaii Discount.

South Shore Beaches

Visit the beaches in Kauai on the South Shore and enjoy the historical and quaint Old Koloa Town and the modern resort of Poipu. The beaches in Kauai located on the South Shore offer an abundance of sunny days, when other beaches, even the best beaches, in Kauai may not. Those that visit the sunny South Side say that the best beaches in Kauai can be found there. Explore Kauai's best beaches that encompass a wonderland of diversity with opportunities for fantastic snorkeling, swimming, and scenic sites that display a rich heritage. The South Shore also includes the National Tropical Botanical Garden. The Spouting Horn is a must to see, while you are touring the best Kauai beaches, with its lava tubes creating natural formations. These locations on the island offer the best beaches in Kauai. Hawaii Discount offers money saving tours to the best beaches in Kauai with money saving discounts.

East Shore Beaches

The East Shore is another great place to find the best beaches in Kauai. The East Shore offers the perfect location for Kauai’s best beaches and offers remarkable experiences that include Kauai's stunning beauty and rich variety. Most of Kauai’s best beaches are accessible without difficultly, especially the Wailua area. You do not want to miss the fascinating petroglyphs (etching on stone) of Hawaii’s ancient days, sacred sites, and many other interesting and amazing points of interests found on the best beaches in Kauai. Schedule a boating or kayaking trip along the Wailua River, it is the perfect location for water sports adventures for locals and visitors. During the weekend, the best beaches in Kauai include Waipouli, Kapaa, and Wailua. These are the best Kauai beaches and they come alive with fun-filled action making the East Shore the most popular area to surf, swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and kayak! Contact Hawaii Discount for excellent tours to the best beaches in Kauai and save money with affordable prices.

West Shore Beaches

If you want to see the perfect blend of amazing natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and the best Kauai beaches, then the West Shore Beaches are the ideal vacation spot for you. West Kauai has something for everyone from lush rain forest to miles of the best beaches in Kauai.  You will not want to miss visiting Glass Beach, one of the best Kauai beaches with its sea glass shoreline covered with millions of pieces of aqua, brown, blue, and clear pieces of glass from broken flasks, windows, windshields, and colorful bottles. The best beaches in Kauai also include Kekaha Beach with its remote white sand beach stretching for miles. In fact, it is the longest white sand beach in Hawaii! Here you will experience the adventure of Kauai’s best beaches with excellent beach combing, popular fishing locations, stunning sunsets, and spectacular views of the Lehua rock and the island of Niihau. Hawaii Discount will guide you to green, golden, and black colored beaches in Kauai where camping is allowed. For the best beaches in Kauai  on the West Shore, contact Hawaii Discount for money saving Kauai tours to all the best beaches in Kauai.


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